Error when attempting to use


"Cannot connect to server! Verify your ad blocker is disabled or that is whitelisted and repeat the test. If this does not resolve the issue please have your teacher contact Typing Agent support for assistance."


An Ad Blocker is preventing you from connecting to the Typing Agent servers. By Default, "uBlock Origin" is installed on all signed in Chrome installations. This can also be caused by other Ad Blockers such as AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, etc.


1. Click the uBlock Origin extension on the browser:

2. Then turn it off while on the Typing website, the refresh the page:


3. Once it is turned off, you will see the uBlock icon greyed out:

You will now be able to access the site without issue.


Please keep in mind that uBlock Origin should only be disabled as necessary, as it acts as a first line of defense against malicious websites.

Turning off uBlock Origin will not allow access to sites blocked by our Web Filter.

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  • 16-Mar-2017